What is Beeswax?

This Beeswax has a beautiful yellow shading and profundity to it. It originates from honey bees that have fundamentally benefited from woods, wildflower and gorse bloom and is sourced from just the most common hives; you won’t have to add any oils to this beeswax.

The Beeswax are 100% natural and are refined through physical forms – nothing chemical. The color may change from white to off white with a mellow, nectar(honey) smell. These are utilized in details where the conclusion item is white in color. Color and scent can afterward be included. Beeswax gives body and firmness to details and acts as an emulsifier.

Product Applications

A white to ivory coloured unadulterated beeswax contains a black out characteristic smell. Our item is utilized in numerous restorative, pharmaceutical and confectionary applications counting, lipstick and lip demulcent, creams and salves, dental waxes, confectionary coatings, treatments, nourishment discharge operators, greases and fragrant candles.

In candle making, all common beeswax burns cleaner and longer than petroleum-based paraffin waxes. There’s no smoking since there’s no petroleum burning within the candles. Made from 100% unadulterated refined beeswax, this moderate burning wax can be utilized immaculate and ought to be considered when making aromathe.