Biolush is resolved to add up to quality administration. The assembling procedure is done under strict supervision of our in fact skillful staff according to the pre-characterized procedures and techniques. To guarantee that the cGMP norms are met and items follow global quality benchmarks; quality control measures have been assimilated at different phases of generation beginning from endorsement of crude materials, in-process materials and stretches out to checking of completed items. The Batch Manufacturing Records and Batch Packaging Records are kept up for every made item.

At Biolush our way to deal with quality depends on thorough crude material and provider evaluation. We require all our fixing providers to be autonomously ensured to a perceived feed wellbeing plan.

Before being acknowledged into our destinations, new materials experience a hazard appraisal to decide their feed quality and wellbeing accreditations. The appraisal likewise guarantees they can be utilized legitimately in the domains where they will be advertised.

Hazard evaluations are refreshed yearly.

We persistently stay up to date with enactment changes to guarantee the status of our crude materials and items, and to keep our clients educated regarding looming changes.

Regulatory Compliance

The practices at Biolush are adherence to latest quality & safety standards. We ensure the implementation of cGMP standards, follow our in-house S.O.P’s. Most of our products are supported by the technical packages comprising of Product Dossiers, Free sale certificates, etc.

‘Excellence in Quality’ is the Voice of every member of Indo Gulf Company.